Practice Planning

We would like to provide support to our volunteer coaches to help them prepare and plan for a season of coaching baseball.  To this end we have provided the following materials for both Mustang and Bronco level baseball programs:

  • Master Practice Guides. These Guides in one page provide a suggested overview of the season’s practices.  They identify the types of skills that should be practiced and how often and when to do so.
  • Practice Plans. There are 5 Practice Plans laid out in detail.  These plans are intended to give a coach an idea of how to approach and structure practices.  They are prepared in a manner to be consistent with the Master Practice Guides (i.e. when certain skills should be covered). Looking at all 5 together should also provide an idea of how to progress in teaching various skills.
  • Summaries of Basic and Advanced Games. These games are provided as a suggested means of teaching various baseball skills.  They are just ideas – you can come up with your own to turn any “drill” into a game to help to simulate game competition.  They can also be used to bridge the gap between skills development and actually playing the game (these can be two very different things).

Master Practice Guides: [button_round color=”green” url=””] Mustang Master Practice Guide [/button_round] [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Bronco Master Practice Guide [/button_round]

Mustang Practice Plans:  [button_round color=”green” url=””] Practice 1 [/button_round] [button_round color=”green” url=””] Practice 2 [/button_round] [button_round color=”green” url=””] Practice 3 [/button_round] [button_round color=”green” url=””] Practice 4 [/button_round] [button_round color=”green” url=””] Practice 5 [/button_round]

Bronco Practice Plans: [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Practice 1 [/button_round] [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Practice 2 [/button_round] [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Practice 3 [/button_round] [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Practice 4 [/button_round] [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Practice 5 [/button_round]

Summary of Games:      [button_round color=”orange” url=””] Basic Games [/button_round] [button_round color=”orange” url=””] Advanced Games [/button_round]

We also suggest that coaches visit the Instructional Video Section of the Coaches’ Corner to dust up on teaching some basic baseball skills.