2012 9U Travel Team Selections

Thanks to everyone that tried out for the New Trier Youth Travel Baseball 9U teams.  Below are the players selected for the 2012 A and B teams.

If you were not selected we would encourage you to keep playing!  We know of so many stories of players not selected in one year who come back in later years to make teams and even to go on to play varsity baseball at New Trier.  So, if you love the game, keep on playing!

All players selected must bring a check in the amount of $750 payable to KWBA/GBA, as payment for the program, to the Team Meeting.  This Meeting will be he held on Sunday, May 6 at 7 PM at the Winnetka Park District Community Room.  This room is located at the northeast corner of the Nielson Center (located at the corner of Hibbard and Elm in Winnetka).

If you should have any questions about the tryouts, please contact Doug Grant of KWBA at d.w.grant@att.net or Tom Burr of GBA at thburr@comcast.net .

9A Team Selections 

Charlie Acri
Avery Chatterton
Charles Creamean
Drew Erdei
William Geis
Jacob Hahn
Kevin Purcell
Michael Rudnick
Jesse Shapiro
Evan Suljic
Sean Walker
Samuel Zacks

9B Team Selections 

Colin Fox
Clayton Gentry
Carl Gustin
Wilson Hallermann
Ryan Hogan
Casey Khanna
John Kohr
Caleb Knoer
Andrew Morgan
Lucas Ponko
Eli Sherman
Jacob Sherman