House League Attendance Policy

Background of Policies

The Glencoe Baseball Association (GBA) has established the following player attendance policies for two basic reasons:

1. Coach and Player Commitment. The GBA expects our volunteer coaches to commit significant time and effort in the planning and execution of practices and games on behalf of the players.  It is fair, reasonable, and respectful for the GBA to also expect the players to commit their time and effort as measured by attendance at practices and games.

2. Fairness to All Players. Both House and Travel League teams are rostered based upon the relative abilities of the players.  In House League the rosters are balanced to create fair teams.  Lack of consistent attendance by all players may significantly impact this balance and negatively impact other players’ experiences. Travel League teams have the highest expectation of commitment of time and effort.  These teams may also have tryouts and “cuts”, so a steady commitment to attendance is fair to and respectful of fellow teammates and those who were not selected for the team.

Statement of House League Policy

Policy: Mustang and Bronco Level players must attend 80% of all scheduled regular practices and games (events); Pony Level players must attend 90% of all events.  For example, if there are 20 scheduled events, a Mustang or Bronco player is expected to attend 16 events (18 for Pony Players).  Missed practices can be made up by attendance at scheduled Batting Cage sessions, on a one for one basis.  Missed games can not be made up.  Please note that practices or games missed as a result of a player’s own religious obligation, illness, family emergency, or injury are not counted in the application of this rule.

Penalties: A Mustang or Bronco player failing to adhere to this rule will be eligible to play in the league’s playoffs, but will not be eligible to play in the All Star Game.  A Pony player failing to adhere to this rule may be dismissed from his/her team.  Further, any Mustang, Bronco, or Pony player failing to adhere to this rule will not be eligible to play in the GBA’s summer Travel League, the New Trier Feeder Program, or in any other summer baseball program in which the GBA is involved in any way.  Lastly, the player’s eligibility for the following year’s House League will be subject to GBA Board review.

Note: The Pony Level is much like a travel league (we play with other communities) and therefore the required level of commitment (attendance) is higher than for other levels.