2014 Pinto League Rules

Glencoe Pinto/Highland Park Double A (1st Grade)

1. Length of Game
a. An inning will consist of all players batting through the order.
b. A regulation game will consist of four innings or one hour, whichever occurs first.
No new innings can start after 50 minutes.
c. Coach pitch will be employed. During coach pitch, if a batter does not put the ball in
play after 4 swinging strikes, the “Batting T” is used. Each player receives 3 swings
with the tee, after which the coach shall assist the batting in putting the ball in play.
Hitting the rubber portion of the tee is considered a foul ball. Every batter must put
the ball in play. There are no strikeouts or walks.
2. Field Dimensions
a. The bases will be 60 feet apart.
b. The pitching rubber will be 35 feet from the back of home plate.
3. Batting Rotation and Substitution
a. Batting order can be reset from game to game. Each team will bat through the entire
b. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players into different positions within the batter
order from game to game.
c. The defensive lineup will consist of all players.
d. A team may play with seven players but no less.
4. Base Running
a. No leadoffs or stealing.
b. Runner must hold his base until the ball is put into play.
c. Runner may not advance on a overthrow
d. If a player is called out in the field, they will not run the bases. However, the inning
will not stop until all Players have been up to bat.
5. Fielding
a. The maximum amount of innings a player can play in the field at any one
position is one inning.
b. All players must play an infield position for two innings minimum.
c. The offensive team will provide a coach as a catcher. A catcher may be employed
by the defensive team to field the catcher position after a ball has been hit. The
coach should assist a player in the use of the “Batting T” and moving along the
pace of the game.
d. Positions must be rotated to five players a chance to play both infield and
outfield. Players can play no more than one inning at a given position in a game.
Caution is advised to ensure that a player can control a glove in order to safely
play the “skilled positions,” such as defensive pitcher and first base.
e. We encourage all players to play in the field and not sit on the bench even if you
have more than nine players.
f. All players will rotate games as starters.
g. Outfielders must have both feet in the grass at all times.
h. A coach of the defensive team may stand in center field and coach the
outfielders, provided that the coach does not interfere with play in any way.
6. Pitching
a. Coaches pitch to players overhand.
b. We recommend from throwing from one knee