Player’s Code of Conduct

I pledge to honor and support my team by adhering to the team’s Player Code of Conduct as stated below:

I will treat all players, coaches, umpires, parents, and spectators with dignity and respect, as I would like to be treated, using appropriate language in appropriate tones when interacting with them.

I will arrive on time for practices, meetings, and games with only my own religious obligation, illness, family emergency, or injury being acceptable reasons for tardiness or absence.

I will seek to become the best athlete I can be by practicing appropriately, trying my hardest on the field, and concentrating on the play of the game.  I will learn to take correction as a compliment.

I will win and lose graciously, demonstrating good sportsmanship throughout games and practices.

I will be honest and take responsibility for my actions and results.

I will play for the team, not myself.

I will encourage and assist my teammates, giving encouragement and support in success and struggle.

I will adhere to the rules of the sport and the policies of the Glencoe Baseball Association (e.g.  attendance policy)

I have read and understand the above statements and agree to conduct myself in a manner consistent with each.

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