2014 Stallion League Rules

Glencoe Stallion/Highland Park Double A (2nd Grade)


1.   Length of Game

a.       A regulation game will consist of five innings or one hour and fifteen, whichever occurs first.  No new   innings can start after 60 minutes.

b.      An inning will consist of all players batting through the order or when 3 outs are made; whichever comes first.

2.   Field Dimensions

a.       The bases will be 60 feet apart.

b.      The pitching rubber will be 35 feet from the back of home plate. If this is too close for a very good pitcher, then that pitcher can be moved back up to 43 feet or any distance in between that fits that pitcher.


3. Batting Rotation and Substitution

a.       Batting order can be reset from game to game. The last batter who makes the last out of the game will bat last the next game. The next player who did not bat will lead off the next game. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players into different positions within the batter order from game to game.

b.      The batting order will be submitted to the scorer or the opposing head coach prior to the start of the game.

c.       No player may enter the game defensively during the inning, except for an injury or when a team has less than the maximum players allowed on the field.

d.      The defensive lineup will consist of 10 players, 4 outfielders. A team may play with seven players but no less.


4. Base Running

a.       No leadoffs or stealing.

b.      Infield hit: the batter and runner(s) may advance one base.

c.       Outfield hit: the batter and runner(s) may advance two bases.

d.      Hits past the outfielders: the batter and runner(s) may advance until the pitcher has the ball. Once the ball is with the pitcher, the runners must stop.

5. Fielding

a.       The maximum amount of innings a player can play in the field at any one position is one inning.

b.       All players not in the field must go into the field the next inning and cannot sit out two innings in a row.

c.       Players cannot sit out of a fielding position a second time until all the players have sat out once.

d.       Players should play both infield and outfield positions during the game.

e.      All players will rotate games as starters.

f.       Catchers will be used at the Stallion/Double A 2nd grade league. Depending on ability, the catcher will either 1) play the actual catcher position catching the pitches or 2) stand behind the dad/coach catcher and will come forward after hits to make defensive plays. Catchers will wear helmets with attached masks. If there are not enough players to have a catcher position, then the dad/coach catcher will make plays at the plate. A dad/coach will always be behind the plate to help get the ball back to the pitcher. To help expedite games, a catcher can be pulled off base to prepare for the following inning and will have a substitute runner in his/her place.

g.       Outfielders must have both feet in the grass at all times.

h.       A coach of the defensive team may stand in center field and coach the outfielders, provided that the coach does not interfere with play in any way.



6. Pitching

a.       Player pitch – begins the at bat and is limited to throwing four called balls. If four balls are reached before three strikes, the coach comes in and finishes the at bat.

b.      Coach Pitch – coaches come in to pitch when ball four is called. There will not be called third strikes when the coach is pitching.  The goal of the coach will be to get the ball in play.

c.       One inning per pitcher. One pitch constitutes an inning.

d.      More than one pitcher can pitch in an inning.