Summer Baseball Attendance Policy

Background of Policy

The Glencoe Baseball Association (GBA) has established the following player attendance policies for two basic reasons:

1. Coach and Player Commitment. The GBA expects our paid coaches to commit significant time and effort in the planning and execution of practices and games on behalf of the players.  It is fair, reasonable, and respectful for the GBA to also expect the players to commit their time and effort.  Mutual commitment facilitates learning, team building and camaraderie.

2. Fairness to All Players. Summer League teams are rostered based upon a player’s commitment to the program and their relative ability.  Summer League teams have the highest expectation of commitment of time and effort.  These teams may also have tryouts and “cuts”, so a steady commitment to attendance is fair to and respectful of fellow teammates and those who were not selected for the team.

Statement of Summer League Policy

Policy: Full time players may miss no more than four consecutive days (once) during the summer season (June – July).   The exception to this is that no absences will be allowed during the Lake Shore Feeder Baseball League’s season ending tournament which is expected to occur during the last week of July, 2011.  Families must commit to their specific calendar by May 1 to facilitate team scheduling.  Please note that a player’s own religious obligation, illness, family emergency, or injury is not counted in the application of this rule.

Penalties: Players failing to adhere to this rule will be subject to reduced playing time or dismissal from the team.  The player’s participation in any further GBA and New Trier Trevian Programs will be subject to GBA Board review.