Program Overview

The Glencoe Baseball Association (GBA) manages Spring House League Baseball, Summer Travel (in the NTTB program), and Fall House League Baseball Programs.  The GBA also holds Winter and Spring Workout Sessions for Travel Baseball players.  Our Baseball Programs are focused on children in Kindergarten through 8th grades.  The Girls’ Softball Program began in 2013 and will continue for girls in grades K through 4.  

THE GBA’s OBJECTIVE in all of our programs is to provide an environment for Glencoe youth to have an enjoyable, safe, team-oriented, and community based experience while learning and playing the game of baseball.  At the same time, the GBA is committed to teaching our youth the life lessons of good sportsmanship and teamwork.  Through the games of baseball and softball, the GBA intends to help youth to set and work towards common goals and to build character, leadership ability, and confidence.